Life Always Moving


The melody used in this piece was originally taught to Derek and his brother Matt Wright (along with many fellow students) at the Lark in the Morning music camp in Mendocino, CA by Ernie Fischbach, David Brown and Brian Steeger. None of them knew a title for it, but all the students loved it. They were only able to refer to it as the "Long Afghan melody in Major, 7/8". That got shorted to "LAM7" and the name stuck.

Derek decided to reverse-engineer a new title from the same acronym, and wanted something that made sense to the struggle for liberation, and that could work as the name of a Breema sequence. He came up with "Life Always Moving". It also speaks to the body's need to be active and not sedentary. Then, he started to ponder how life is always moving, both directly on its own micro and macro levels, but also since all life is clinging to a planet somewhere that's spinning on its own axis, hurling around a star, that star is spinning around a galaxy, which is itself flying through space. On and on the levels of movement go.

Originally recorded as a live duet with Derek on cümbüş bağlama saz and Tobias Roberson on pandeiro (played in the style of a riqq) by Derek Bianchi at MuscleTone Studios in Berkeley, CA, 2011-08-12.

The 7/8 samba reggae arrangement is by Derek and Matt Wright. The Brazilian percussion was overdubbed by Derek in Goleta, CA in two sessions: stick and mallet drums (alfaias, surdo, repiniques, caixa/snare) on 2014-09-23 and hand drums (congas and timbal) on 2014-10-06.

Finally, Derek recorded Matt Wright overdubbing the Afghan rubab on 2014-11-29 in Goleta, CA.

Derek Wright: cümbüş bağlama saz, caixa, repinique [x3], alfaia, surdo [x2], conga [x2], timbal / Matt Wright: Afghan rubab / Tobias Roberson: pandeiro (played as a riqq)
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Release date:  
August 2, 2016


Multi-instrumentalist: oud, saz, Brazilian percussion (maracatú, other rhythms from Pernambuco, various forms of samba), body music, bass, Middle Eastern percussion, and more. 10 years studying North Indian classical music on the oud and voice interwoven with 15 years studying Brazilian music and dance (including 5 trips to Brazil for a total of 1 year of training) have given Derek a unique approach to music, rhythm, dance accompaniment, improvisation, movement, teaching, and life.

Derek is available for performances, dance collaborations, recording sessions, teaching, licensing, live accompaniment (films, plays, classes, etc), acting, and many other creative possibilities. He is also a certified practitioner and instructor of BREEMA (a bodywork method bringing body and mind together in harmony) and incorporates embodied mindfulness into his teaching and playing.