Salaam Axé


The debut project of original and traditional music by Derek Wright (oud, saz, yayli tambur, percussion), joined by Javad Butah (tabla), Robert Kyle (saxophones, flute), Matt Wright (Afghan rubab, percussion), Tobias Roberson (percussion), David Bergeaud (tongue drum), Michael Hoffman (percussion), and Nininho (elú drum). Derek's arrangements and interpretations of traditional melodies from Afghanistan, Armenia and Greece, blended with original compositions inspired by intensive studies in Brazilian music and dance, North Indian classical music, dance and music of Afghanistan, the Middle East, North Africa, jazz, funk, and more.

Produced by Derek Wright.

Co-producers: Robert Kyle, Matt Wright, Danielle Elizabeth, Briana Waters.

Recorded by: Hussain Jiffry (Jiffry Music Studios), Derek Bianchi (MuscleTone Studios), Derek Wright, David Bergeaud, Nolan Shaheed, Hyim Ross.

Mixed by John Baffa at TV Tray Studios in Ventura, CA.

Mastered by David Bergeaud.

All tracks copyright ℗ 2016 by Derek Wright. All rights reserved.

Additional details and credits available on the pages for each track.

Release date:  
August 2, 2016


Multi-instrumentalist: oud, saz, Brazilian percussion (maracatú, other rhythms from Pernambuco, various forms of samba), body music, bass, Middle Eastern percussion, and more. 10 years studying North Indian classical music on the oud and voice interwoven with 15 years studying Brazilian music and dance (including 5 trips to Brazil for a total of 1 year of training) have given Derek a unique approach to music, rhythm, dance accompaniment, improvisation, movement, teaching, and life.

Derek is available for performances, dance collaborations, recording sessions, teaching, licensing, live accompaniment (films, plays, classes, etc), acting, and many other creative possibilities. He is also a certified practitioner and instructor of BREEMA (a bodywork method bringing body and mind together in harmony) and incorporates embodied mindfulness into his teaching and playing.