Salaam Axé now available on CD Baby

Greetings friends, family and fans,

Salaam Axé is now available on CD Baby!

Everyone around the world can now download a copy for $10 (they force me to price it $9.99 -- I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence about that). You can download individual tracks for $1. There are 30 second samples of all the tracks, and the opening track, Rise With the Ranks is available to hear in full. A mail-order physical disc is $15 plus shipping. I'm working on an alternative where folks can get a physical copy directly from for cheaper, but for now, CD Baby is the only option.

However, anyone in the Bay Area that wants to get a copy can see me in person to get one. I'm off for 2 weeks at California Brazil Camp up in Cazadero, CA. After that, I'll be in the Bay Area for a couple of weeks so you can PayPal me directly and I'll deliver it in person.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone who's heard the music would be willing to log in to CD Baby and write a review.

Folks in Fresno, CA can get their copy from my friends at the Fulton Yoga Collective.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement. Hope you love the music!



Multi-instrumentalist: oud, saz, Brazilian percussion (maracatú, other rhythms from Pernambuco, various forms of samba), body music, bass, Middle Eastern percussion, and more. 10 years studying North Indian classical music on the oud and voice interwoven with 15 years studying Brazilian music and dance (including 5 trips to Brazil for a total of 1 year of training) have given Derek a unique approach to music, rhythm, dance accompaniment, improvisation, movement, teaching, and life.

Derek is available for performances, dance collaborations, recording sessions, teaching, licensing, live accompaniment (films, plays, classes, etc), acting, and many other creative possibilities. He is also a certified practitioner and instructor of BREEMA (a bodywork method bringing body and mind together in harmony) and incorporates embodied mindfulness into his teaching and playing.