Between mixing and mastering!

Very excited to announce that my debut album (title TBD) is ready for mastering! It was a great pleasure to work with John Baffa at TV Tray Studios to do the mixing, and now my dear friend and musical collaborator David Bergeaud has agreed to master it. Thank goodness it's raining in LA this week, but that means I can't make the drive up the side of the mountain to David's ranch and finish just yet. Hopefully in the next few days. For now, I've got 30-60 second teasers of rough mixes to give you a taste of the music. Please help suggest titles!

Meanwhile, I'm slowly chipping away at the mountain of other tasks related to releasing a first album: picking titles for everything, album art, liner notes, signing up for a Performing Rights Organization (PRO), with the other services that can collect royalties on your behalf (SoundExchange), copyrights, signing up for all the services for digital distribution (bandcamp, soundcloud, etc), starting to gather content for a YouTube channel, setting up this website, trying to cultivate my other social networks (something I've resisted in the computer world most of my life: I only joined Facebook a little over a year ago, and I'm not on Twitter, Instagram, etc), pondering the somewhat horrific thought of what is my brand as an artist, talking to the various dancers for collaborations, starting to plant the seeds for a CD release tour... it seems endless. Yet mostly the tasks are ones I enjoy, and the others I'm using as challenges to grow through. Learning from all of it, and trying to maintain some balance.

So happy to finally be starting to share this music with the world!

Love and axé,


Multi-instrumentalist: oud, saz, Brazilian percussion (maracatú, other rhythms from Pernambuco, various forms of samba), body music, bass, Middle Eastern percussion, and more. 10 years studying North Indian classical music on the oud and voice interwoven with 15 years studying Brazilian music and dance (including 5 trips to Brazil for a total of 1 year of training) have given Derek a unique approach to music, rhythm, dance accompaniment, improvisation, movement, teaching, and life.

Derek is available for performances, dance collaborations, recording sessions, teaching, licensing, live accompaniment (films, plays, classes, etc), acting, and many other creative possibilities. He is also a certified practitioner and instructor of BREEMA (a bodywork method bringing body and mind together in harmony) and incorporates embodied mindfulness into his teaching and playing.