This Website is proudly built with the Pushtape distribution of Drupal, an open source content management system/framework used by many sites on the Internet with contributors from all over the world. When not making music, practicing Breema, and/or teaching, Derek is a computer scientist, programmer, and project manager. He is known as dww, a prolific contributor to Drupal with many roles over the years, and previously was a senior developer for the HTCondor High-Throughput Computing system at UW-Madison.

Most of the social media icons on this site are from WPZOOM, except the one for Instagram which is from

Usually, Derek has worked on the source code for different components and add-ons to Drupal, but sometimes he actually builds websites. Some of his other creations include:
Daily newspaper
Quarterly theoretical journal
Radical/left bookstore
Index of radical/left films and audio
Honoring people killed on the job, including Derek's uncle Kelley
Transformational arts organization

Previously, Derek was as an associate researcher for UW-Madison working as a senior developer and team leader on the HTCondor from 1996-2005. From 2002-2005, he had a joint appointment at Lawrence Berkeley Labs, helping to design data-aware grid computing systems.